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Here are the answers to some of your most frequent questions.


- What is Holistic or Spiritual Life Coaching?


We all have an inner wisdom that always have our best interest and support us to be on purpose in our lives. Holistic Life Coaching taps into the power of the client’s innate wisdom and establishes a solid relation to it. From this loving and intelligent connection we draw clarity and inspiration to apply in practical ways and make effective changes from a place of empowerment to bring balance, peace and love to the client’s life.


- What does it mean to be Spiritual?  


 We are all spiritual beings focusing part of our energy to experience an individualized physical reality. Our physical life is an expression of our Spirit and to the degree that the individual you aligns with Spirit’s version of you the more spirituality you express and therefore experience. You are never not spiritual and even though at times you may feel not connected to your Spirit, your connection is always within you, waiting for you to awake to it.


- What is Inner Wisdom?


Inner Wisdom is the intersection between infinite intelligence and unconditional love. Inner Wisdom can be found in all living beings and can be accessed to give us direction and meaning to our lives. Inner Wisdom in this context is also known as your connection with Greater Power, God, Source, Spirit. etc. It matters not what you call it but what your relationship to it is.


- Is Holistic Life Coaching just about spirituality and not about finances or relationships?


Holistic Life Coaching is about your life and everything that is in it. It is about you remembering your wholeness. Once your connection to your Inner Wisdom is re-established you will have clarity and inspiration that effectively changes how you respond to your current circumstances; thus creating a more balanced and rewarding life in all aspects including finances and relationships.


- I feel alone and at times lost, can a Holistic Life Coaching sessions help me?


Yes, the main benefit of Holistic Life Coaching is to re-establish your connection with your Inner Wisdom or Source. Once you have experience this connection you will never let go of your relationship with it and it will never (has never) let go of you.


- Do I have to follow a religion in order to have and benefit from a Holistic/Spiritual Life Coaching session?


No. There are not requirements to have and benefit from Holistic/Spiritual Life Coaching sessions. Religious and spiritual beliefs are very personal. I work with each individual’s beliefs.


- Is there any age limit to these sessions?


No. My clients come from many different generations and cultures.


- Will you ask me to sign in or register for a program after your Free 30 minutes Life Coaching Session?


No. My introductory 30 minutes free Life Coaching Session has no strings attached and no obligations whatsoever.


- What kind of support do I get once I sign in for your Life Coaching sessions?


You will get support via emails summarizing our session insights and action steps that you agreed on. Every two sessions you will also get a progress review and a list of successes.


- How do you conduct your sessions? Do I have to pay any long distance charges?


Most of the sessions are voice only sessions through Skype or Google+ Hangouts so you do not have to pay any long distance charges. Some of my Canadian, USA and Hong Kong sessions are conducted via telephone where I will place the call and you will not have to pay long distance charges either (please consult your local carrier for long distance calls received)


- Can you recommend any books or materials that can help me on my journey?


Please visit the Cool Links on this site. It contains a large number of reference materials that you can access and some even for free :)