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Meet Me

Thanks for stoping by :) I am Lydia, a Wellness and Holistic Life Coach who can help you re-connect and re-establish a solid foundation and relationship with the peaceful, loving and wiser side of your being, and to use this connection in practical ways to live your live with purpose and passion as the empowered being you were created to be feeling unconditionally loved, guided and supported.

My Upbringing

I have always been passionate about listening, contributing and collaborating with others, perhaps because I grew up with my grandma who by her example showed me to view others in the light of compassion and love, and to view life as a gift to be unwrapped, discovered and treasured. She thought me the value of service and connection which naturally manifest in my coaching style. 

My Unique Experience

I have lived in Mexico, Canada, USA and Hong Kong. I have immersed myself in these different cultures and ideologies. My multicultural experiences have enriched my life and the people I support immensely. It is  because of these experiences and my professional training that people from all walks of life can benefit when facing their most challenging situations or going after their most cherished dreams.

My Training

Graduated as a Life Coach from the Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching under international best seller and award winning author and acclaimed Master Life Coach Alan Cohen, M.A. Completed the Institute of Nutritional Leadership Certificate program under Dr. Josh Axe. Completed the Basic and Advance PSYCH-K Centre International certificate program. PSYCH-K is a set of principles and processes designed to change subconscious beliefs that limit the expression of our full potential.